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Monday, October 31, 2005
Red-letter day
There's probably just one reader of this here blog who will find this news even remotely interesting.
Jim Pranksy, who Mark and I drove absolutely nuts in 1989 when he was our baseball coach during our first year at Quincy College, is now a professional scout for the beloved Cincinnati Reds.
Aside from not signing either of our sad behinds, perhaps Pransky's finest hour as a scout was landing Mark Mulder in 1998 when Pranksy was working for the A's.
The Reds could use Pranksy to sign about 8 or 10 more Mulders. Good luck, Jim!

Sunday, October 16, 2005
Check this out:

Church leaders, politicians and an American religious rights group are rallying behind a pastor who is to appear before an Alberta human rights tribunal accused of exposing gays to hatred.

In a letter published in the Red Deer Advocate in June 2002, Stephen Boissoin wrote that homosexual rights activists and those who defend them are as immoral as pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps.

After considering the case for three years, the human rights commission will finally hear a complaint filed against Boissoin by Darren Lund, a University of Calgary professor. Lund contends the letter contravenes Alberta's human rights law.

Hmmmm.... a law professor, huh? Imagine that....

Sunday, October 02, 2005
Who is this guy kidding?
From Steven Shapiro, the legal director of the ACLU:

If Roberts assembles a majority to strike down the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, he will reassure social conservatives and right-to-life advocates, Shapiro said, but "plunge the court into the culture wars."

Yeah, wouldn't that be horrible if Roberts were to "plunge the court into the culture wars" -- as if the court hasn't been the epicenter of the culture wars for at least three decades.

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