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Monday, January 28, 2008
Interesting Article?
This abstract looks pretty interesting.

Title: The Religion Clauses and the “Really New” Federalism

President Hinckley has Died
What a great man. He will be missed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008
This is unbelievable...
I was in Detroit for an arbitration the other day, and of course received my free hotel copy of USA Today. It carried an article from the Associated Press, by a reporter named Bradley Brooks. The article told a story of how three Iraqi soldiers sacrificed their own lives, and probably saved many others, by throwing themselves on a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest. True courage and self-sacrifice, that. Very admirable.

What is not so admirable is the AP's insistence (still) on referring to terrorists in Iraq as "insurgents." This was much commented on long ago, when the media first adopted the term, and has mostly passed into the realm of those things we all just ignore now. But in this instance, the term stood out. Check out this quote from the article:

Sortly before the bomber struck the Army Day festivities, about two dozen Iraqi soldiers demonstrated for unity in Iraq. The troops, their AK-47 rifles raised in the air, chanted pro-army slogans and a common anti-insurgent taunt: "Where are the terrorists today?"

These soldiers must be idiots. Don't they know that their slogan (being "anti-insurgent") is incorrect? Why is such an incorrect slogan so "common"? It should be "Where are the insurgents today?"

Boy, you would have thought the AP had made that clear by now...

On the other hand, perhaps the AP has got it wrong. It seems the Iraqis believe the so-called "insurgents" are more properly labeled as terrorists. The question is, why doesn't the AP?

Sunday, January 06, 2008
Key Moment in Last Night's Debate (For Me)
SEN. MCCAIN: -- have sued -- have sued the pharmaceutical companies because of overcharging of millions of dollars of Medicaid costs to their patients. How should that -- how could that happen? How could pharmaceutical companies be able to cover up the cost to the point where nobody knows? Why shouldn't we be able to reimport drugs from Canada? It's because of the power of the pharmaceutical companies. And we should have people -- pharmaceutical companies competing to take care of our Medicare and Medicaid patients.

MR. : Okay, don't leave me.

MR. ROMNEY: Don't turn the pharmaceutical companies into the big bad guys. I --

SEN. MCCAIN: Well, they are.

: No, actually they're trying to create products to make us well and make us better, and they're doing the work of the free market. And are there excesses? I'm sure there are, and we should go after excesses. But they're an important industry to this country.

What does McCain mean, "well, they are"? What an absolute moron. He sounds like a Democrat, ripping into businesses that are creating jobs.


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