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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Two articles on abortion...
the first declares that "abortion isn't a religious issue," as if that declaration can be made - who says? If someone believes it a part of their religion to oppose (or support) abortion, why can't it be a religious issue for that person? How can anyone declare otherwise? But my main point in linking to the article is to show you how poorly a very famous intellectual can argue his case. Gary Wills comes across like a high schooler in a debate class.

The second article says that abortion is a non issue. I don't have time to comment on it, just wanted to link.

Thursday, November 01, 2007
That's a good question...
Another reason to go see Bella - the producer. From Lifenews.com comes this:

When a movie that promotes morality and decency succeeds at the box office, Hollywood's elite critics squirm in their seats and trash the film with the hope of denying further success. For Sean Wolfington, the producer of Bella, that's what's happening again with a film that has garnered wide acclaim from pro-life advocates.

Bella opened to a limited national release in just 31 cities and 165 theaters with the hope of strong ticket sales and a larger national audience.

The movie succeeded beyond the major players expectations -- it had the second-highest per-theater sales last weekend as it took in $1.3 million and about $8,000 per venue.

"Bella ranked number two in box office sales, second only to Saw IV, yet some elitist critics are attacking Bella for its positive portrayal of life, family, and friendship -- calling it 'unrealistic and cliche,'" Wolfington told Lifenews.com in an email.

Wolfington lamented the lavish attention given to another film, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, a flick about two men who kill their parents. Critics have hailed it as a "realistic portrayal of the human condition."

At the same time, one critic went after Bella saying, "Ends like a TV show, and everyone has learned a neat little lesson. Phooey."

That leaves Wolfington questioning the entire premise behind the movie business.

"Why are they against people learning a lesson? Why are they against people being inspired? Why don't they want to see humanity portrayed in a positive light?" he asks.

"I do not know the answer to these questions but we hope to light a candle rather than to curse the darkness," Wolfington said.

He said the fact that 92 percent of the critics gave Before the Devil a nearly unanimous thumbs up and that 64 percent gave Bella a thumbs down goes against his entire principle behind making movies.

"I got into the movie business after finding out that the Columbine massacre was inspired by a film the murderers watched over and over, 'Natural Born Killers,' which got rave reviews when it came out," Wolfington said.

Go see it - take a friend.

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