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Monday, June 06, 2005
Dean is Sista Souljah
I can't be the first person to state this theory, but here goes: Howard Dean is only in place to be taken down. He's a straw man. The smarter Democrats (not a large group, but there are some) can see that there is no way they can hope to win elections with their current stances. So they place Dean in the DNC chair, and let him shoot his mouth off. What he doesn't know is that at an opportune moment, Hillary (mainly, and others) will sell him out and cut his legs out from under him. This buffoon only exists in the position he does so that future Dem presidential contenders can position themselves to his right and fake moderateness. He's the new Sista Souljah.

Debate Over Mitt Romney's Position on Abortion Continues
More Romney stuff. LifeNews.com states:

Romney started out his political career with a 1994 candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy. He indicated he supported legalized abortion but also backed pro-life legislation such as not using taxpayer funds to pay for them and a ban on partial-birth abortions.

In a late May interview with USA Today, Romney said he "is in a different place" on abortion now.

"Understand, over time one's perspective changes somewhat," Romney told the newspaper. "I'm in a different place than I was probably in 1994, when I ran against Ted Kennedy, in my own views on that."

Last week, Romney expanded on that interview and told the National Review that "[m]y political philosophy is pro-life."

The magazine's news story also caused a minor flap when Michael Murphy, a top Romney political adviser, said Romney was a "pro-life Mormon faking it as pro-choice friendly."

I would like to be more comfortable with Mitt Romney's views on abortion, but I'm just not. I would rather, if he were really pro-life this whole time, that he had said that. He didn't. Now, when he is posturing for a Presidential bid, all of a sudden he's pro-life. It might be true, but for anyone who wants the GOP nomination, it shouldn't be a surprise when they say they are pro-life. For instance, if Giuliani all of a sudden announces that he is really pro-life but only acted pro-choice because he had to in order to get elected in New York, I wouldn't believe him.

And by the way, if a politician states that they hid their true position in order to get elected, why would anyone think they are not doing the same thing right now? It's like the old saying, when a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy in that position.

Sunday, June 05, 2005
Romney the cover candidate
is the title of this piece by Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe.

Bush is so dumb...
But not as dumb as some of the Democrats, who can't resist taking shots at how stupid/horrible Bush is. Unfortunately, in the process they show their own intelligence. For example, Senator Joe Biden said on

a Sunday morning network news show that President Bush will "probably be able to win the vote, somewhere between 45 and 47 votes against, and he'll think it's a victory."

Yeah, Joe, that stupid President of ours. He's so dumb, he'll probably think that a win is a victory. What an idiot.

Ummmm. Hey, wait a minute....

Saturday, June 04, 2005
Christian Broadcasters = Home-Grown Taliban?
Check out this entirely inexcusable rant (scroll down) from Democrat Senator Tom Harkin:

On the day before Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen was confirmed by the Senate as part of a negotiated compromise, Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin called her "wacko."
Harkin, appearing on liberal Randi Rhodes's national radio talk show, became animated as he said of Owen: "This is not a person to put on the bench for a lifetime appointment. This person is wacko! She's wacko!"

On the same program, Harkin said Christian broadcasters are "sort of our home-grown Taliban." He added: "They have a direct line to God. And if you don't tune into their line, you're obviously on Satan's line."

The Democrats are unhinged. Really. I wonder what Harkin's God-fearing constitutents in Iowa think of this nonsense?

Friday, June 03, 2005
Planned Parenthood Perversity
I think the title to this NRO article by Rich Lowry says it all. Go check it out.

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